A Nickel Worth of Thoughts

Five things ruminating in my noggin. Do you care about these things? Probably not, but it's my blog and you will deal!

One Cent

I can't for the life of me figure out why Deborah Cox and RL couldn't be lovers...

I fully understand why they couldn't be friends if they couldn't be lovers; believe me, been there and done that! But judging by the lyrics, err'body in this situation is devastated over this separation: mama, cousins, friends, ERR'BODY! (Though I'm side-eyeing mama still having dude over for Sunday dinner.) So along this boulevard of broken dreams, with all the weeping and wailing of this forlorn duet, they never explain why they couldn't be lovers. Go on, listen to the song and tell me if you can figure it out. I know it's 20 years later, but I need answers damn it!

Two Cents

I'm not sure how to say this, or whether I should disclose such private personal information, or not; but, umm...

I'm over 40 and my deodorant doesn't work anymore!!! Now, I'm not 16 year old boy post-basketball practice musty. It's somewhere between just arriving at work and wondering if I forgot to put it on and "I'm 3 minutes into a 30 minute cardio routine". Not musty, but not fresh and I feel a way about it! This degree is not holding up it's end of the bargain! It's as effective as my liberal arts degree right now, and that ain't saying much. Is it just me, or y'all having this problem, too? We need to start a support group, but online only, since we all on the cusp of funky.

Trois Cent

BET does provide me with award shows and classic black films and sitcoms to play in the background while I wash dishes or take my braids down. It's a basic cable channel that serves its basic black ass purpose.