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Umm, Baby Jesus, You Planning to Be Here Tomorrow, Huh?


It was right around my birthday in the middle of March 2020 when the whole world seemed to pause like a broken VCR tape. We’d heard a bit about COVID-19 in February, but most media outlets compared it to the flu, no big deal. Then the casualties across the globe started to rise and the phrase “global pandemic” was everywhere and we realized the severity of Coronavirus!


We were told to “shelter in place,” “quarantine,” “only go out for essentials” and let me tell you, fear and panic ran rampant!


I was in that place of fear and panic, too! So I decided to talk to Baby Jesus to see if I could get an ETA on His arrival, because surely Earth was a wrap, LOL! 

Dear Baby Jesus... Prayers and Petitions to Our Pint-Sized Prince of Peace...

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