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25 Thoughts While Watching The Lion King on Broadway

1. I can't believe I'm finally here, GAAHHHHHHHH!

2. Why is this line so long to get it? I'm not standing here, walking right up to the door, tuh!

3. This theater is beautiful, and it has escalators! #winning

4. I'm not coughing up $40 for a t-shirt, nope! But I will spend $30 on a bracelet, thanks!

5. What a great seat, my excitement is damn near crippling!

6. "It's the Circle of Life, and it moves us all!" Am I crying? Yes, I'm crying!

7. The elephants are coming down the aisle! Imma faint!

8. If typhoid Mary don't stop coughing next to me, it's gon be a problem.

9. This antelope got bawdy!

10. Scar is a hater, he would've gone far in this current white house administration.

11. The costuming is amazing, I really can't get over the intricacy of it all.

12. Young Simba and Nala are adorable!

13. The hyenas!! Hilarious, love the physical comedy.

14. "Be Prepared" is one of my favorite songs! Imma put "Your Powers of Retention Are Thick as a Warthogs Backside" on a t-shirt and wear it to staff meeting. Because, accurate.

15. I thought I was prepared, but NOOOOO Mufasa, NOOOOO!

16. I wish this walking plague next to me would get up and get a cough drop, or a lung transplant.

17. Oh, Timon and Puumba, I needed this comic relief! This dude sounds just like Nathan Lane, awesome!

18. Bathroom break!

19. Pride Rock got some damn good dranks!

20. All of the new music added is beautiful.

21. Waymint! When did Scar try to push up on Nala?!?!? A murderer and a pedophile? Scar really would fit in this current administration!

22. Yes, Simba, there is royalty in your DNA, you can' be a vagabond. To paraphrase Ike Turner, "yo daddy blood on that name!"

23. Come on Nala, get yo man girl! Cartoon Nala had more sex appeal in this scene tho, ijs, can you feel the love tonight?

24. Go save your people! Take back the land! Bye Scar!

25. The Circle of Life is complete and I am spent!

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