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R&B Petty

I’m a 90's kind of girl living in a millennial kind of world! Seriously, I graduated 8th grade, high school and undergrad in ’91, ’95, and ’99 so the 90s were the soundtrack of my formative years. And as much as we (me and my cross-colours wearing compatriots) talk about how epic 90s R&B and hip-hop were compared to the trash of today, we never really discuss the polarizing pettiness of our favorite songs! While I am no musical griot or prodigy, I’m going to list my top 5 entries on the #PettyPrinciplePlaylist in no particular order. And Imma include tracks from the year 2000, because technically, it closed out the decade and pettily its my blog and my list so I’ve imbued myself with the right to do such.

You’re welcome.

1. Get Gone – Ideal