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Lesson Learned

So you know how you're going through your closet looking for something to wear, and you find a pair of shoes buried in the back and wonder, "Hmm, these are cute, why don't I ever wear them?"

So you take them out, put them on and walk around your bedroom for a minute thinking, "These feel comfortable, maybe I just forgot I had them, Hmph." So you get dressed for work the next day, put the shoes on, take a few tentative steps and say, "Yeah, they're good." and head out the door in those cute shoes.

But then, after about 75 minutes at work, your pinky toes and the backs of your ankles remind you that these shoes are indeed articles of the antichrist meant to torture and torment not only your feet, but your bladder because the walk to the bathroom feels like the green mile, and your productivity because the copy machine is too far away for the geriatric gait you have to do to take more than two steps.

I Know Why the Caged Annalise Strides

Lesson for the day: burn them, don't put them back in the closet

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