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My, How Perspective Changes!

Classics viewed with a new lens: This week, Eddie Murphy's 1992 romantic comedy Boomerang!

I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about the #onyxopulence of this movie; Eddie gathered a beautiful ensemble of Black Hollywood in the 90s and made them high-powered professionals/executives dressed to the nines and living their best lives way before Lil Duvall beat us over the head with it.

Won't spend a minute on one of the most epic movie soundtracks of all time; back when you could actually purchase a whole cd for the whole cd, not just 2 tracks on the radio.

LaFace did all of that!

I could spin a full dissertation on how some of the funniest lines in the movie were not delivered by the known comedians - Murphy, Greer, Lawrence, Rock - but came from an older comedy duo

Oohh Daddy, please!

A grand dame of acting and civil rights activist

No panties tho, Eartha?!

And a model/singer

No man, can turn down this...

But I won't, the talent pool was just that deep.

What I will discuss is the fact that Halle Berry's character Angela was TRASH!

See the cunning in her eyes? #shadyboots

Yeah I said, I meant it, I'm here to represent it!

1. Angela worked for Lady Eloise in the Art Department, which means she worked for Jacquelyn way before Marcus was in the picture. Was there some bad blood between them? We don't know, but the introduction was pleasant.

2. Angela knew from giddy-up that Marcus was into Jacquelyn, she said it to his face, even complimented the woman. At this point we can assume she's sincere about it.

3. On the flight to NOLA, Angela and her lil thirsty tail was grilling Marcus about his potential relationship with Jacqueline.

4. Then, Angela ol' grimy ass all up in Jacquelyn's office gossiping about Marcus's reputation. Jaquelyn trusted her enough to confirm that they had a thing going on.

5. Marcus gets suspended and here comes Lil' Miss "Here's My Shoulder to Cry On" while he's spiraling.

6. Omarosa, er, I mean Angela even used Marcus's lil breakdown to boost her career with the Strange commercial.

7. Quick as catch can she slobbin' him down after they washed the Thanksgiving dishes (which she did in heels #forwhy) even though she knows Gerard is feeling her.

8. Now she done slithered her shady shifty self up into his house into a relationship with him and takes the opportunity to throw it all up in Jacquelyn's face.

9. He sleeps with Jacquelyn again and now Angela is the innocent victim who takes a moment in her hurt to shade Jacquelyn's "weave all down her back".

10. Angela gets a new gig and abandons the little art kids to focus on herself. Ma'am, all your actions have been about you!

There you have it, 10 reasons why Angela is absolute trash! I could launch into a diatribe about her light-skinned privilege allowing her to masquerade as the nice girl, while the slightly darker Jacquelyn was the villain, but that's another rant for another day.

My, how time changes perspective on things.

You can disagree, you would be wrong, but tell me why in the comments.

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Wow, so true!!!! You are right! Angela was wrong from day one! I never looked at the movie that closely but it’s true!!!!!!


Cris Travis
Cris Travis
Nov 11, 2018

I knew I had A reserved side eye for her for a reason....let me go back and look at this movie with Fresh eyes.


Now that's funny.... Great take on an old classic. Lolol!

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